Search for a Will

Find a Will of a Deceased person in Ireland with the National Will Search service.

– Check if a Will was made or confirm whether or not you hold the most up-to-date version of a Will.
– Ensure you administer the Deceased’s Estate correctly.
– Avoid possible legal action by performing due diligence searches before distribution.

Choose Your Will Finder Search Option

Standard Will Search

€79 (+ VAT)

  • Make enquiries with the nearest 50 firms of solicitors in the selected area.

  • If a positive match is found for a Will during a search, you will be notified in our report and given the contact details of the firm who found a match. They will also be given your details.

  • Searches can be requested by members of the public and legal professionals

Professional Will Search

€400 (+ VAT)

  • Make enquiries with the nearest 50 firms of solicitors to the Deceased’s last known address.
  • Searches conducted by post to avoid the possibility of emails being ignored.
  • A Will search specialist will manually check criteria and supervise the process.
  • Bespoke options can be added, such as ‘out of area’ solicitors or letters to Banks.

  • Recommended for high value estates.

Due Diligence in Estate Administration

What is a Will Search?

A will search is a comprehensive service used to locate the Will of a person who has died.

Why is a Will Search necessary?

In many cases it is believed that the Deceased did not make a Will. However, you need to be sure of this and a Will Search will provide you with proof that you acted responsibly before distributing the Estate in accordance with Intestacy Law.

What is an ‘Intestacy’?

This is the formal name given when there is NO WILL. For example, the Deceased dying ‘intestate’ means that no Will was found.

Willfinder Will Search Process


Willfinder Will Search Starts

After successfully submitting the online form, the Willfinder Will Search begins.


What happens when a Will search is positive?

If a positive match is found for a Will during a search, the law firm concerned will be notified and given the contact details of the person who conducted the Will search. We will also notify you of the name of the firm who replied positively.


Searcher provides documentation to Custodian

The individual who is searching for the Will must provide documentation, such as proof of identification and a death certificate, to the organisation that holds the Will.


Positive match is confirmed

If the conditions for disclosing the existence of the Will are met, the custodian will make arrangements for the Will to be returned to the person who conducted the search and/or contact the Executor(s) named in the Will.


Willfinder Will Search Report

At the conclusion of the process, a Will Search Report is sent with the results of your Willfinder Will Search. This demonstrates that you have taken reasonable steps to locate a Will, or the most up to date version of a Will.

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