Why are will searches so vital in estate administration?

The answer lies in the intricate web of legalities surrounding inheritance and the distribution of assets. A will serves as the voice of the deceased, outlining their wishes regarding the allocation of their estate. However, without proper documentation and verification, navigating the intricacies of estate distribution can quickly become a daunting task.

Will searches act as a crucial tool in this regard, enabling executors and administrators to uncover any existing wills that may dictate the distribution of assets. By conducting a thorough search, individuals can ensure that all relevant documents are accounted for, mitigating the risk of disputes and legal complications down the line.

In the context of Ireland’s legal landscape, where succession laws are governed by the Succession Act 1965, the importance of will searches cannot be overstated. This legislation outlines the rules surrounding intestacy – the process by which an estate is distributed in the absence of a valid will. However, in cases where a will exists but remains undiscovered, the implications can be significant, leading to potential disputes and delays in the administration process.

A streamlined solution

At Will Finder, we offer a streamlined solution to this dilemma through our online will search function. Our platform provides users with access to a comprehensive database of registered wills, enabling them to conduct searches quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re an executor seeking to fulfil your duties or a legal professional navigating the complexities of estate administration, our tool empowers you to make informed decisions with confidence.

Standard Will Search – €79 (+ VAT)

  • Make enquiries with the nearest 50 firms of solicitors in the selected area.
  • If a positive match is found for a Will during a search, you will be notified in our report and given the contact details of the firm who found a match. They will also be given your details.
  • Searches can be requested by members of the public and legal professionals

Professional Will Search – €400 (+ VAT)

  • Make enquiries with the nearest 50 firms of solicitors to the Deceased’s last known address.
  • Searches conducted by post to avoid the possibility of emails being ignored.
  • A Will search specialist will manually check criteria and supervise the process.
  • Bespoke options can be added, such as ‘out of area’ solicitors or letters to Banks.
  • Recommended for high value estates.
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