It’s no secret that Solicitors are constantly juggling deadlines and managing complex cases. One area that can often be time-consuming and resource-intensive is locating Wills for deceased individuals. Until now that is!

The Challenge of Traditional Will Searches

Traditionally, finding a will can involve a manual and laborious process. Solicitors may need to contact probate registries across various regions, conduct searches with individual solicitors firms and place advertisements in local newspapers.

These methods can be not only time-consuming but also yield limited results, impacting case progression and client service. A Time-Saving Solution provides solicitors with a streamlined and efficient way to locate wills. The platform offers:

National Search Capability
Conduct searches across the entire country or specific regions, eliminating the need for individual inquiries.

Professional Will Search Specialists
Experienced professionals handle the search process, ensuring thorough and accurate results.

Bespoke Search Options
Cater to complex cases with additional search parameters like “out of area” solicitors or bank inquiries.

Will Search Reports
Receive comprehensive reports documenting the search process and results, demonstrating due diligence to clients.

Benefits for Solicitors

By utilising Will Finder, solicitors can save valuable time and resources previously spent on manual searches, allowing them to focus on core legal tasks and client service, leading to higher case throughput.

Will Finder can also help to provide faster turnaround times and demonstrate proactive efforts in locating wills, eliminating the need for extensive advertising or travel expenses associated with traditional searches.

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