Important Notes

  • PLEASE NOTE: We only search for Wills for anyone who has passed away within the last 7 years ONLY

  • Distributing an Estate without performing a diligent search for the Deceased’s Will may result in legal action being taken against the Estate Administrator(s).

  • Will Finders Ireland is proven to reduce the risk of distributing an Estate on an assumed intestacy basis when a Will may exist.

  • There is no central registry or storage facility for Wills in Ireland.

  • Incorrect distribution is believed to occur in approximately 20% of all Estates.

Further services are available to ensure correct procedures are followed when considering the distribution of an intestate Estate (where no Will is found)

Who can use the National Will Search service from Will Finders?

  • Members of the public
  • Local Authorities
  • Hospitals & the HSE
  • Coroners
  • Any non-legal professional

Legal professionals should use the Finders International Will Search Service.

To help avoid issues arising later in the process of distributing an estate during probate, it is important to identify whether a Will exists and who holds the most up-to-date version before any probate work is undertaken.

To check there is no Will before proceeding with an intestacy. To check the Will held is the latest Will and has not been superseded. To proceed with confidence in the correct administration of an estate. To find a lost Will.

Potential incorrectly distributed estate. Personal Representatives (an executor or administrator) have the legal authority and responsibility to distribute the estate correctly. They will be held liable should a later Will come to light after the estate has been distributed.